Art Comes From Within

Someone told me once art comes from within. But once tainted by an objective other that itself it ceases to be art. That’s heavy and somehow pure and simple. Are we all not works of art? And don’t we lose bits of our true selves every time we try to change for someone or something else? I don’t know. I feel deeply connected to myself then something comes along and I feel I need to change or adapt. That has never worked and it has never stopped me from trying over and over again. To what end is some part of me trying to sabotage another part? Isn’t happiness the true goal? Enlightenment maybe? So I must struggle to complete the journey. I must challenge the stubborn side of me every day. Why is it so hard to convince yourself something you know is correct? I don’t know. Who does? And would I believe them? What is enlightenment anyway? How do I achieve something that’s hard to explain. I know someone. Never in her own way. She walks among us, with us but somehow a different light illuminates her path. I long to be near her. Close by to her. I want to share that light. But I’m afraid. Afraid I will fade under it’s glow. Art comes from within. It can never be tainted by an objective. To truly join and stand in her light I must shine just as bright. Just as strong and as brilliant. Art comes from within. Never ever sacrifice. Never let it cease to be.


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