Far From Home

I was born far from home. My life has washed me up on many shores disoriented as to where I was. Which way is up? Where is the beach and where did I wash in from?! Am I alone? Who washed up here with me this time? Will they be on my next journey? So many shores it’s difficult to remember where I am from. I have memories, but no place is home except when I close my eyes. Everyone is a stranger, and everyone is a friend. Then one day I wake up in a different shore and start the journey over again. When will it end? Or is the journey my home? So many people come into my life. My best friend today has a new life tomorrow and I wake up in a different home. A new beach. A new shore. I was born far from home. The further away I travel the closer back to my roots I feel. When will I be home? When will I be truly at ease? Or is the journey my true destination? My true calling? I was born far from home yet totally where I belong. I am the ocean. I am the shore. Becoming a part of every place I have been, leaving a part of myself behind as I flow to the next. I could not ask for more. I could not want a better life. As I am everywhere I have ever been and everywhere I have been is who I am. I am the sea. I am the shore. I am the journey. I am my home.


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