So I used to be a musician who wanted to be like all of my heros. I just knew I would write the perfect songs and people would be like “that guy and band are the shit! Let’s give them all of our money!” So years go by and that kinda never happened. I had a blast and decided to change my life up and suspend my artistic dream for the moment. Years later I moved to California and met this hot shot movie producer who asked me if when I was writing songs, if I thought I would eventually become rich and famous. I said of course because that was part of the rock star dream. He then proceeded to tell me how much of an idiot I was for thinking that art equals anything financial. “You do art because it’s in you. Not because you want a paycheck. If your inner passion resonates with someone then maybe you could see some financial something. But never as a goal.” That really stuck with me as when I was writing songs I definitely was trying to be relevant and cool rather than just do what I truly felt. No longer being in a band and not feeling particularly inspired to write music from his statement, I started journaling instead. At first it was just brain vomit then one day something changed. I started writing these words down that seemed to follow a path and say something that I felt was a part of my insides somehow. I’m not sure what to call them or where they come from as usually I don’t know what they are about until I read them back. It’s a strange and powerful feeling. So here they are. In all of their personal glory. Please feel free to comment and share with a friend if you feel so inclined. I hope you enjoy…


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