Chasing freedom. Is that a thing? What is freedom? That’s a better question. To be free you have to define it then be able to embrace that definition and understand that it could change. You could change. You should change actually. Hopefully we all want to be better than we were yesterday. If not for ourselves for those that come after us. Our kids. The neighbor’s kids. To pass along even the smallest nugget of wisdom someone passed on to us. Freedom… is freedom selfish? Can someone be told they are free? What if our freedom imposes shackles on others? How do we define and live with that? Is freedom having more options or fewer ones? Is freedom being able to make your own mistakes or being governed in a way that outlaws “bad” options? And to defend freedom we ask the defenders to abide by the strictest rules of all. Necessary it seems but never the less ironic. Are those that defend freedom more or less free than those that enjoy the sacrifices made by another? Freedom is an ethical dilemma. What is the correct number of laws needed to ensure freedom? What exactly is too many? My brother would say there are sheep and there are wolves. Maybe…but who is more free? Those that roam care free until the end or those that spend their lives preparing for the end? A conundrum it is. Both are free yet both missing the true point of freedom. The wolves with their worry and anxiety of their next meal and the sheep imposing their freedom on the sheep dog for protection. Who has the answers? Ghandi? Budda? The sheep? The wolf? Or do we all have it? Free will. The power to learn, to adapt, to grow. Freedom is a state of mind. It isn’t a certain place with that perfect set of rules. No matter where you are, no matter your situation, when you close your eyes you are alone and free OR you are controlled by the thought of a possible change to something that has passed or not yet happened. So again I say what is freedom? What defines it? No two people have had the same circumstances. The same struggles. The same euphoria. Freedom is a state of mind. Never stop thinking. Never stop defining. Never stop defending. And never ever stop chasing what sets you free!!!