Right of Way

True blame for fault lies squarely on the shoulders on who the damage is done to. Meaning this, if you cross the street at a cross walk and get hit by a car, the law says it’s the drivers “fault.” However, you are the one dead or seriously injured so who really is to blame for you not looking or assuming they would stop.  Now this gets complicated I get it but at it’s core we all must be responsible for ourselves no matter the circumstances. It is impossible to know what someone else has been through nor what he is going through at every moment much less at an exact moment. We all have had a bad day and snapped on someone or made a poor judgement call because of stress, sleep deprivation or simply anger of what we perceive as the truth.

Let me back up. Someone asked me the other day to blog about Donald Trump. I started blogging because some people seemed interested in my views on topics. I think just because I have a background different than some and that I am a proud southerner and proud West Coasterner…. or something. Anyway, I somehow seem to find myself compelled to join in these discussions of politics or race or equality or really anything that feels like only one side is being represented. Besides isn’t open dialog and communication how we all grow?

Anyway, so what’s the deal with this whole Trump thing? This guy is getting everyone so crazy. “He could win” you say, well that would mean that enough people voted for him and a majority agree with him to a great degree.  “He’s an idiot” you say, well he sure knows how to get you upset and if you can call someone an idiot you must feel pretty smart so how did that happen? “He makes up so many of his stories and facts” you say, then why do so many believe?

So what’s the argument here? That his supporters are uneducated? Uncultured? Then who gets that blame? Which of your favorite Presidents let these uneducated Trump supporters down? Aren’t we all supposed to care about no kid left behind and all of that. Or maybe this HUGE percentage of ‘Merica isn’t worth educating because their views are so back words. Maybe all of us privileged types just say they aren’t worth it because they just don’t know what they’re talking about. When we all get together and say Obama Care is great because it lets everyone afford health care, maybe we want to exclude these guys because they aren’t worthy or are undeserving of our socialism.

See the way I see it is, this guy is shaking things up and making everyone very uncomfortable. He is pointing out all at once how far apart many of us really are on the “reality” of things.   If we want to sit back and say “well he got elected so there are so many idiots” or some such slander just remember, we all play a part in the entire countries view of things. Siting in your house and judging doesn’t make you better than those supporting, it makes you worse. At least they are involved passionately in what they believe in. Complaining on facebook doesn’t mean you’ve done your job to bridge the gap. It means quite actually that you are hiding behind a screen hoping to get lots of likes or approving comments.  And as I said in the first line, true blame for fault lies squarely on the shoulders on who the damage is done to. So watching talkshows bashing politicians isn’t helping. Voting isn’t really helping. Getting involved in your communities IS helping. Going to city council meetings IS helping. Opening the door for another IS helping. Understanding people are different IS helping. Trying to find common ground is the solution. Blasting someone for disagreeing with you, definitely not helping. So decide before you make a post or start an angry conversation, are you really trying to help, or are you simply trying to impose your view and power on another.


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