Inspirational Nonsense

So I’m not much of an inspirational kind of guy but somehow I have friends that want to come to me and tell me their woes and then look for some type of guidance. I’m not really sure why me except maybe I listen and I usually can come up with a relevant story to tell but it happens. Inspiration is a strange thing. For me it comes from pressure. Or when my short comings get pointed out by someone I respect. Some need a tidal wave of these “inspirational quotes” that are offered to us via social media on like a million spots. Although seldom if ever do you see someone successful posting one of these gems which is a little suspect to me. Anyway, now that I am drunk with verbal power from my blog I figure I will tell everyone a little secret that someone told me when I was 17 and boo hoo’n from some oh so very important high school relationship. “Everything works out in the end. And if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.” Now I have lived by this my entire life. At times I get a little to relaxed knowing that the change is coming rather than run and go make it happen but over all good words. Now this “secret” is like the weight loss secret which simple is burn more calories than you take in. Or the financial planning secret of spend less than you make or financial planning for the future of spending much less than you make. As people we somehow don’t like to simplify things. There needs to be some magic pill or mysterious words that right our out of control ship. Which is a curious notion by the way. I think that complexity makes us feel less oblivious and let’s us off the hook for not seeing the obvious. I don’t know but at the end of the day we all seem to be looking for something that we don’t naturally know how to find. That last key to life we think no one told us about that holds all of our happiness and takes away all of our stress. I’m not really sure but I’ll end with this, there was a song lyric that has stuck with me most of my life. Well two actually. The first says ” it’s not having what you want but wanting what you’ve got.” The other, “just because you’re winning don’t mean you’re the lucky one.” Somewhere in these words there is something real. Something special. Turns out I guess I do like inspirational words. Whatever it takes I guess to get our brains firing and thinking in ways we previously thought we couldn’t.


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