Self Imagery

When we become open who sees us? And what do they see? When I open up I become weak, vulnerable, naked. I think my imagery is blocked. Or is it all gone? Being vulnerable sucks! Or is it fantastic? I’m not really sure right now. My friends see my weaknesses. That’s frightening. What if I am weak? What if they aren’t strong enough for me? What if they don’t want to be? What if they are and do? Which is scariest? I’m not sure. I’ve been closed so long I don’t know how to act. There is a certain safety in being closed off. You control it. You are always in charge. But it’s so boring. I love letting go. Being soft. Needy. It’s so relaxing. Some say be strong. Some say swallow down that weakness. I have for too long. I need to be free. I need to release myself from my own prison. The world is tough. But I can take it. It’s easier when you let go. Maybe a little more embarrassing but who cares. Tough is overrated. I have the strength to feel weak and that is true power. My imagery is coming back. I can see things again. My thoughts are becoming a little more in focus. I can see my soul and it wants to be seen. It waits to be set free. Unleashed on the world. To take it over. There is strength in true vulnerability. The power that is to show your true self. To totally be open. Whatever that means. No matter who sees. Only we control who we are. Never should we change our true selves to fit in. My imagery has returned. I see very clearly now. The sky is so blue and the horizon is so crisp. The air smells so fresh. So new yet very familiar. I feel open and exposed and powerful and alive. What it is to be free! Free of the stress of showing my true and total self. I am ready to be seen for all of my flaws. All of my scars. My imagery is me. On display. Ready to be seen. No longer hiding. Running when scared. I’m ready to be seen for who I am. Who I once was. Who I will become. I’m ready for my imagery to be seen. I am ready to be me!


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